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Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
You are not have us, your PTO family. Is your brother at the camp, medium or what? I know about your loved one being threatened and the fights in a facility. My son was sent to the SHU because of someone beating him up and that was at a camp, where this is rare. It didn't take long for them to see the "light" and they shipped the other one out. I do think they care, they just don't know who to believe. I truly hope he gets to move, but calling them too much I'm afraid will do more harm. Did he do a "cop-out" to his counselor, unit mgr, case mgr? This he needs to do and have a meeting with one of them soon.
I was wondering if anyone has any information on medium securty,federal facilities. my boyfriend is in the shu in a high security. he is having problems with his safety and waiting to get sent to a medium. what is the difference between high and medium. is a medium safer? i am so new to this website and looking for any kind of information regarding a medium. thank you,