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Angry Innocent and serving 35 years at 19

I’m not sure if there is anything you can do to help me. But it is worth a chance.
In April 2009 my bestfriend Nathaniel Thomas Erke, was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Nathan is a good man, he was in the Reservist in the Army, stationed in Jacksonville, Florida, and was just about to go on his first deployment, when a series of unfortunate events unrolled.
Nathaniel was spending more time with his family before he left, and more importantly his brother Michael Erke. Whom was not a good influence. A few months prior to April his brother Michael had been stabbed 9 times by a male with the nickname “Buddha”. As his brother was healing from this ordeal, he and the 3’rd co-defendant ( I don’t know his name), they decided to seek revenge on “Buddha”. The night it all happened, Nathaniel thought he could stop his brother, so he went with them. We’ll long story short, his brother stole a gun, and put in the front seat, and a few other items. Buddha came home while they were all inside, and left to go the neighbor’s home which was a local police officer. The cops came, all 3 of them got arrested for armed robbery, and Burglary. Nathaniel at 19 years old, and serving in the US ARMY, got 35 years because he did not take the plea deal of 10 years. When the state prosecutor suggested that he get less than 5 years, or probation since he was not the gunman ( The gun never fired, just was stolen and on the floorboard of the car). His brother Michael and other codefendant got 10 & 15 year plea deals, both of them have a long rap sheet, including but not limited to battery, and 3 counts of violating parole.
Since then, he has been in prison for 6 years, and has exhausted every option, with no help from his family, and giving his mother POA- to get money from his bank account to get him a lawyer-which she never did, He has no one to help him. He has filed almost every petition, and form there is trying to get someone/ a different judge to hear his case. When he was sentenced, he was sentenced by a different judge than his hearing judge. And has requested since then to be seen by his hearing judge and Judge Soud- his sentencing judge picked his petition up and declined.

Nathaniel has currently served 6 years, out of 35 years. He will be 54 when he gets out. The prison that he is currently at is Black Water Correctional, and there is limited classes/programs for him there. Nathaniel was a soldier in the army, and loved his job very much. I know he can play a good role in society, and never commit a crime again.

Can anyone, please help me? How do I help him?!
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