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For Michael, there were up sides and down sides to each. I was just talking about this with our son yesterday as we drove by the county prison where he used to be. And right now, at this moment, the only bad thing I can say about when he was in the county was the visits. 1/2 Hour long, behind glass, once a week.
When he was in the county, we talked all the time on the phone, our mail NEVER got messed up. He was not constantly bothered by the CO's. Yeah certain ones were a pain in the ass, but for the most part, it was decent. Michael had it good in the county, now, he is always under so much stress and constantly looking over his shoulder and biting his tongue. He is always in a bad mood. It was just easier when he was in the county. Now I know not all county prisons are as corrupt and easy as ours, but I just wish at times he were still right up the road. State sucks a$$ big time.
One other thing, if he got county time, he would have been home by now. His case could have stayed county, but instead of wording the time as 12 months to 24 months, the judge worded it 1 to 2 years. Once he said years, that makes it state time. He could have served his sentence in the county prison, honestly, there is no reason why he couldn't, but the judge had other plans for him. It is a heck of a lot easier to get probation/parole from a county prison than it is to get paroled by the state.
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