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Looking for policy updates, couldn't find any following the fed court order. From July 6 CNN article:

Here are a few of the upcoming deadlines as set by a federal judge in California last week:
  • By Friday [July 6], the Trump administration is supposed to have guaranteed that every child separated from a parent as a result of the "zero-tolerance" policy at the border is in touch with their parents
  • By July 10, all children 5 and under have to be reunited with their parents (there are estimated to be around 100 of those kids)
  • By July 26, all children separated from their parents at the border have to be reunited
[...]Trump's solution to stop the family separations at the border -- an executive order that allows children to be detained with their parents -- is a stop-gap solution that is about to expire. Why? Because Trump's executive order did not override a Supreme Court decision from the early 1990s that says a child cannot be held in a detention facility for more than 20 days. Which means that on or around July 10 -- 20 days from Trump's signing of the EO on June 20 -- border enforcement officials will be required to start separating families currently being held in detention centers.

I'm curious to hear thoughts on the video that auto-plays over the printed article (Mother reunited with daughter after 55 days). The girl is reportedly five and has been returned to her mother, still awaiting an asylum decision in Mass. I don't know if the other folks in the room are HHS employees or...? I suppose they could be ACLU reps as the mother has a suit filed against the administration regarding due process. I guess I'm uncomfortable with the photo-op this turned into.The girl seems despondent. It would be easy to say, "she's overwhelmed" and perhaps that's the extent of it. I've got my ideas but I'm interested to hear others comments.

Also, sorry for the weird redirect but our ability to share images is down and I loved the message:

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