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Heard an interview with David Aguilar, the former Chief of Border Patrol on NPR today. The interview was to address Aguilar's opinion on the tactics this administration is using to handle immigration on the southern border as his perspective stems from serving under Obama and GW Bush. In this article, dated April 2018, Aguilar supports the use of Guard troops and comments on the "transnational effort" required for immigration enforcement to happen. In the article, this "effort" is lauded as Mexico stepping up their own deportation rates. In the radio interview, he calls for efforts more on the political bolstering of nations with high rates of exodus. Those are two very different things with two very different levels of responsibility for the US. However, what caught my ear most was an exchange following the question, "Do you feel that the separation of families, as a risk, is being used by the administration as a deterrent?"
(paraphrased, but not much)

Aguilar: No (long winded explanation of how very few understand the risk they take just getting to the US and maybe if they knew that succeeding in reaching the US would result in separation, they wouldn't undertake the first risk)
Interviewer: Soooo...that means it is being used as a deterrent.
Aguilar: Yes, absolutely.

And as for NG on the border, they arrived here in Yuma shortly after the call and are already gone. Not sure what they're being used for elsewhere, but given that we're slated as one of the towns for encampments, you'd think they would have kept them here.
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