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Originally Posted by Classygyrl10 View Post
His executive order doesnít mean shit. He didnít need to have this executive order. He only did it to try to save face. The problem is this zero tolerance policy he put in place. This man refuses to take responsibility and accountability for anything. He continues to point the finger at other parties when his damn administration is the cause of this chaos. My apologies for cursing. For those of you who claim immigrants are this and are that. Let me remind you the Native Americans had this land first. Remember the reason why these people came into this country. They want a better life for their families. The places they are from are dangerous. I canít blame them for wanting a better life for their families. Think about what if YOU were in their position. You would want a better life too. Another thing. I wish this fool would stop referencing them as drug dealers. Itís insulting and racist. Thereís drug dealers in the country of many ethnicities including Caucasian.
Oh, believe me, Im not crediting him with any benign intent...he was cornered, so he had an order drawn up that changes nothing, effectively. They get 20 days (maybe in an army barracks, yippee) and then it's back to the same old same old.

The hatefulness and sadism are almost mind-numbing. And yet, last month he withdrew protection for streams and small rivers and this week is offering up the large lakes and the ocean's malignity on a scale so pervasive and ugly that it's clear that nothing means anything at all to him if it doesn't have a dollar sign on it that he can wrangle a profit from. There's almost no difference in the crimes he's committing on the earth and on people, just meanness for its own sake.
You'll know you've created God in your own image when He hates all the people you do.
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