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Default It's not all Bad!

Lynda, sorry to hear about your son. Yes he will parole from state prison. Parole is a LOT better than Probation!!!!!!!!!!! I can't express this enough. Probation is set up for the inmate to fail. It is very easy to violate and a huge percent do as it looks like your son has experienced. Then they end up back in prison (or) jail doing time.

Parole is a lot less restrictive but you face the same consequences if you violate. However, most parole officers will work with you if you show good behavior, and no positives (drugs). Many of the girls' I work with who are on Parole have had their time shortened due to good behavior. The ones who have been model citizens no longer do the weekly visit/drug test, but call in to report with their PO. I can't say that everyone will get this privilege, the PO knows I am their sponsor and it adds extra accountability for the girls.

I am glad your son will be coming home soon. Don't worry he should do better on parole.
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