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Originally Posted by yourself View Post
If he takes a kidney from somebody with Hep C, he will get Hep C from that kidney. The actual organ is infected and there's nothing they can do to prevent transmission from that organ to the rest of the body. All they can do from that point is treat his Hep C or cure him.

I'd love to say gut it out for the rest of that sentence with dialysis, but that is an awful long time to be dealing with so many dialysis procedures and the consequences of dialysis, not to mention all the other problems associated with a transplant can also be associated with dialysis - neglect, unclean conditions, etc, etc, etc. dialysis is not an easy experience, especially for that long.

Flip a coin. He's got a Hobson's Choice ahead of him.

Let us know what he decides and how he's doing with everything. Sometimes it helps marking the time in writing to an outside source.
I totally understand what getting a diseased kidney means, most people don't. I'm sure some prisons are offering better health care then what my husband had, but for the majority no. All that aside in normal conditions transplants are still a crap shot. The conditions of prisons and bad health to begin with make a transplant an extremely risky proposition. I do know what the risks for all are and I wouldn't chance that kind of surgery in prison.
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