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Default I beg everyone...

Please once again! Please! Help save Brandon's life! He is worth saving! He really did participate in the crime, but he never killed anyone. The newest medical conclusion is that Ms. Bagley was dead before Brandon to set the car on fire. But he is on Death Row exactly for her death! His execution will be pure injustice! Why Golden State serial got life? Scott Peterson & Boston Marathon bomber got sentences overturned? Chris Watts, who put his own daughters in oil tanks got life? Why Brandon should die??? Why?

I started to write letters to Brandon two years ago. He become a dear friend to me. I can't imagine that such a good person can be executed. He is not the only one who i write to. I can make the difference between a good and bad person. I have a penpal who murdered whole family, including two children, raped the little girl. He received a date for execution ten years ago. He is still alive. His execution was stayed in the last moment and it seems it will never happen to be executed...I imagine if Brandon is executed, in what world we live? Someone who didn't kill anyone will be executed and someone who murdered whole family will be still alive. The life is so unfair!!! I don't want to live in such world! If you've ever loved someone, don't let them live in such world, please! Help to save Brandon's life. Read about him in his website (the link is posted by patchouli) and spread the message, learn how to help in TAKE ACTION section.

Everyone who read this - be blessed all!And i pray that our loved ones someday will live in a better world. World where the justice will be justice... Till now it seems that i wish the impossible...
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