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Originally Posted by Born View Post

He's in FCI Milan, I've also been staying up till midnight so as to call his councilor and warden but every-time i call i'm told that they're not available so i emailed them and i'm still awaiting a response for emails that i've sent two weeks ago. I can't believe how they've just ignored my calls and emails. Not very good customer service.

Sorry but "customer service" is not their job. Sad to say but your husband (as well as all inmates) are property of the institution and prison system. The councilors and wardens or any other prison employee do not owe families anything at all. They do not have to contact you or respond to you or any inmates' loved ones. Further, if you keep trying to contact them, they can make it harder on your husband. That's not supposed to happen but it unfortunately does.

I'm sorry but that's how it is.
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