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So far this is what ive done and what has happened. 1) Moneygam and western union in australia sends money to the US but not the prison system. 2) I got in contact with my husbands estranged half sister and asked her if she could help us she said that she would so i sent her $1500 to place on my husbands commissary account. I even added her to my us credit card so that she could place some money onto my husbands account. So far all shes done is take the money and cleared out the credit card out so she's run away with $2500 in my hard earned money which was supposed to be for my husband she also took the check that the county jail refunds back to the sender which was a further $223.96 so basically she's taken almost $3000 and now won't answer my calls and i'm left having to pay the credit card and try to save some more money to help my husband out with. 3) I've gone to the post office and bank here and nether do money orders as we now have wire transfers. I know I'm stupid to have trusted her but i was desperate to help my husband out and thought that maybe she would do the honorable thing and help since we've helped her out many a time in the past. I've never met her in person and my husband hasn't seen her in over 20 years they're not close and never have been but every once in a while she would call asking for help. And when we asked her for help we thought nothing of trusting her. anyway back to the drawing board. I guess she was desperate for the money.
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