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Default Re: sending money

Originally Posted by Born View Post
I have been trying all week, I've called the prison, written to the warden and councilor and they couldn't help as they only use money-gram and western union. I lost a $100 by using money-gram and then they closed my account due to being outside America. western union also closed my account for the same reason. Both western union and money-gram are owned and operated by western union. Western union international wire transfers are not accepted due to wire fraud guidelines. I have no-one in the U.S who could help me. I'm desperate to stay in communication with my husband. I also know how important it is to fund his account. I don't know who else to turn to or where to go i've done my research and have come to a dead end. So i thought of trying here. I'm reading all the federal posts but cant seem to find anything. Boy this is hard and i wouldn't wish this type of a life on anyone.

Thanks for your reply
Have you asked the US Postal service directly, by either calling (which may be impossible) or via email or snail mail?
It seems that if you sent something like travels checks that you purchased there you would be able to buy a US postal money order, or it seems that they should be able to accept that currency here.
Another consideration may be to get a military money order from a US base in Australia, if there is one close by and if that's possible at all, and see if there is a way to transfer that to the US post office. Convoluted I know.
Rather stupid that people overseas cannot send money to them here.
Alternatively, maybe there's a way to create another western union account, or have a relative do that for you over there ( and use your old address here)
Good luck to you whatever way it may work out.
What prison is your spouse in here? (if you don't mind telling)
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