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Originally Posted by YOGA62 View Post
the federal prison won't accept a money order from another country? What country are you living in? As above you may need to send the money in some form to a person in the US, they send the money order from a post office in a special pre stamped envelope. Why can't you call in Western Union and pay for wire over the phone? That is what I did for 200 and it cost 9.95 for the transaction fee, which was high, but I needed to get the money right away to my son who just arrived to a federal prison. I hope he has access to the money. Hope this helps?

I'm stuck in Australia and i had to give up my green card because i came back for surgery and ended up having to give up the green card because the hospital kept delaying my surgery which didn't allow me to come back and because the green card has a maximum 6 month out of country stay on it and because my husband was going to go to jail he decided that i should just stay here and relinquish my greencard since we had no family or friends that i could go back and stay with and also the fact that i didn't know how to drive or survive in a country setting on my own.

Now i regret ever coming back but we couldn't afford the health insurance in America. It was too expensive we either had to pay and starve or eat and do without. When he was in county jail it was easy to send him money but now that he's in federal it's become non existent.

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