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Originally Posted by Keltria View Post
That is one big assumption to make that that internet sex crime is forced. There are also a lot of young girls that pose as older woman and trap the men into doing something wrong. They then also use blackmail to get what they want and once things go wrong, they cry foul by saying the didn't know, or I was used. Not everyone in prison for a sex crime is guilty, girls lie bout their age, put on make up and dress way older than they really are at times.

If you don't know the case - don't assume he blackmailed her into what she did.
This is common I think.
I had 11 and 12 year old friends that said they where 14, and guys of 17-19 had sex with them, 14 is still underage both did wrong here.
But lying of your age is so wrong, men often lie that they are younger, happened to me often, and girls that they are older. Some crimeprevention would be needed here, make it unlegal to lie about your age maybe.
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