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I wouldn't write lifers or people on death row for similar reasons as I wouldn't write anyone with a term less than 5 years: the emotional investment. Too big for me in the first category. I don't think I could handle it. The short termers I would have to hold back too much.

It's not the crime that would make me stop writing. However, I do want to know what they are in for, which was easily found before contacting them. The rest is up to them. I just want them to be themselves and see if there is some connection. They're human, and everyone has their life story.

One is in for first degree murder, and the length of his fixed sentence of 25 years is a burden on me as well. The other is in for burglaries and weapons charges, 10 years. A history of drug addiction. If he learns to follow the rules a bit more, he might be paroled earlier.

I did have a very short stint with a penpal who was in for manslaughter. Not the one who did it, but he went down because he was there. He sounded too slick and acted too friendly from the start. It felt as if he was 'working' me. When I gently poked a bit of scepticism, he stopped writing back.

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