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Unhappy really need some info please... questions about Kilby and sentence

Hi! I need some info from ya' fiance will be transfering from Calhoun County Jail in Anniston Alabama. He doesn't know when, but its for probation violation. Long story...he told the judge just to send him to prison and he could EOS(end of sentence) his time. He was on probation for 3yrs and had a 5600 fine to pay, but after he leaves Kilby it'll all be over. He was sentenced to Kilby for 1-3yrs, but the time in county counts towards time at kilby. So, I think he'll have to only do 6mos to a yr, right?? I'm not sure how this works?! Can anyone help? I have heard Kilby is one of the worst prisons in bama, is that right? Also they say if you go your guaranteed to get raped? Have ya'll heard that?? We have a 2yr old, and are they allowed to have visitors and if so, is it okay for a 2yr old to be at a place like that?? If anyone has some info, I could really use it. Thank you!!
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