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I agree re the credit card and actually don’t use their ATM/debut card, but many people especially felons can’t qualify for credit. But having said that, for those that do, they have an awesome 3% cash back credit card with no annual fee the first year. After that it’s only $59 a year and 2.5% cash back so it’s still better than even the Citicard 2% cash back card if you spend over $11,800 a year because that’s where you break even on the $59 and extra 1/2%! There are of course the quarterly rebate cards that pay 5% in certain categories that are better during those months but this is great for year round. For instance, I just charged my husband’s tax estimate on it and will get 3% back and only paid a convenience fee of 1.67% plus get the float. The payment won’t even be due until June! Double win!
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