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A great credit union, also with great interest rates on savings and checking accounts, is Alliant Credit Union. We have used them for years and have been very happy with them. I have an individual account there and then we happen to have our joint account there as well and he has a savings account there too as well as credit card.

As for car insurance, I left him on mine and for health, I will just add him back to mine next January, just before he gets out. I didn't want to take any chances with the car insurance, wasn't worth it, or worth a rate increase if I took him off for being incarcerated then added him back.

I have also heard that if you try to get life insurance for a felon, that is unattainable. We already had it on him, but my girlfriend in the insurance business told me to increase it or we would never get it on him again. In our case, we had no plans to increase it because my husband is 59 and it would be too expensive and we didn't need more coverage, but it's unfortunate for young people/felons who down the line may want to get it and have trouble.
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