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Default Document and send letter

Originally Posted by christi0804 View Post
I know this guy who is in Lawtey Correctional Institution in Raiford, Fl. On Christmas day he was injured while working in the kitchen. One of the skillets with 400 degree water tip over on to his legs. He has 3rd and 4th degree burns and they refusing him medical attention. Now hie legs are started to turn green from infection. His been writing them daily asking to see a doctor. What should he do now?
He cannot do anything to make them help him. I've lost a loved one in prison from medical neglect, and don't want to see any one else experience what I have. Sit down now and draft a serious letter to the warden, governor of the state and the director of clinical services at the DOC. Have several other family members do the same thing. Send all mail certified, and make sure they know if anything happens to your loved one because he is being denied urgent medical care, you will hold them responsible. Most jails are afraid of lawsuits. And once they know you know what his condition is, and they are being put on notice, it will usually cause them to act. If you can visit, please do so, keep a log of his condition, what you see. If he can put it in writing to you, thats good to. If something does go wrong, they will try to cover up the truth. Having something in his own words helps.
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