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Jeff 123,
This is all helpful info and I thank you. He moved to Kilby 2 days ago. He sounds much better - you see there was much going on in county that will be dealt with at a later date. Its caused "abuse".

Two inmates who were in court with him in January were moved much faster (2 mos ago) and ended up in work release and their EOS's were a month before his, so we think that he may be on WR, although on his timesheet there was reference to something that an old timer said is "straight honor camp", so that could be. He graduated from SAP - was in CC 140 plus days which he got no credit for. (His former judge lawyer said he woul!) He reported to CC for all those mos. and at the end (12/7/07) locked him up for a questionable urine sample. It went to lab and came back negative but they said it was positive so he sat and waited locked up and waited until 1/11/08 to go to trial when they put a 3 year sentence on him. His total jail credit is 206 days! He was incarcerated about 2-3 weeks longer then 206 days! The Judge wanted to send him to rehab...CC said NO! We are wondering what the intentions of CC are - certainly not rehabilitation of the ill. They want to lock them up! We appreciate your attention to the detail and wonder if you know what determines the amount of good time? He got 40 for 30 but I have read that some get up to 75 per 30.
Also, we have always heard that sentences are 1/3 so why is his so long? One more question: Who determines all these details...judge? CC?

Thx again...your info has been very helpful!

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