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I know what you are talking about lady! It took an act of congress to get my sweetie out of county and into the state processing facility. Our county jail is a pure hell hole. My sweetheart did not see sunshine for over 70 days before they moved him to the processing facility. The day they moved him it was raining and I went to pick up his personal items from the county jail before I came into work. I remember walking in the rain and looking into the sky to feel the rain on my face and I knew he had just walked where I was walking to get on the transport van. I rejoiced that he too had felt the rain on his face for the first time in 70 days.
His attorney lied to us as well concerning many things and we found out yesterday he has lied to us agian. He told us he filed a motion to request a change in sentence. My mother in law called the judges secretary and no motion has been filed! Unbelieveable!!! They have clssified my sweetheart with the original arrest charges so he cannot go to work release, community corrections, or a lower level prison and has been told we will have to stay @ Bibb for the complete sentence! They also told him if he took the plea bargain for a lesser charge he would never hear anything about the original arrest charge. That is the only reason he took the plea bargain and did not go to trial on this. He told me we would have fought this if they would have told him the truth! They convienced him to plea guilty on a lesser charge on something he did not do to begin with on a bucket full of lies! Sorry, I am passionate about this but this is my sweetheart they are playing God with! I feel your frustration, I really do.
The only thing that keeps me going is my faith that God will turn this tragedy into a major slap in the devil's face!
Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor.
Ecclesiates 4:9

It is not about the pain we endure. It is about the power within us to overcome it!
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