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He is still at Etowah County and was praying to be on the "train" this AM. The Info Officer said last week it should be this week...a CO in Etowah said yesterday he would be on the next "train". He has seen those in court the same day as he (Jan) leave mos. ago. They refuse to give him his necessary meds - we will address that once he is out! The COs don't like him because he is a Yankee so they call him....we did not know what they were talking about...seriously !! Anyway...his EOS is 10/08 which is a shock to us. We think he will go to Work Release somewhere but are not positive. He wants to be paroled but we fear he will not be paroled to Michigan and if so will take longer! He has a condo in AL waiting for him...the whole thing is the biggest MESS! We are shocked at the outcome of all this! No consistencies in the punishments or anything related except inconsistencies!!

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