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Default To All Natives still incarcerated in the BOP

I am a 56 yr. young White openly gay person who was recently released after doing 13 years in a medium (BOP) federal correctional institution. I, at one time in my life, used to rob banks. Not with any type of weapon-just a note. I have "many" Native friends who I got to know when I was doing my sentence. Most are from the southwest, Arizona (Apache, Dine', Pima, Hopi) and many others were from New Mexico (Dine', Pueblo, Jicarilla Apache) Right now I am residing here in Albuquerque, NM and living at a motel that is provided to me through the V.I.C. program here. (Veteran Integration Center) I just would like to say that, for me, ALL of the Natives who I knew "rather intimately" were the best friends (some lovers) that I had. I am with a gay Dine' now out here and the freedom of being able to visit his Rez (sometimes) and being able to prepare my own meals by cooking them is beyond amazing for me now. Through the Natives I have learned to be very grateful for the small amount of things that I have available to me now. Some I own and others are things like, food I buy myself, tv to view without another guy getting upset at me cuz I changed the channel, and a nice bathroom/shower I can keep clean and use "whenever I want"!! Use the shower at 2300 (11:00pm)???No problem!! Or one of many other things that I can do when I want. Yes, I am on probation now and will be until 2017-18, but I don't use any illegal drugs or drink alcoholic beverages, so no worries there about being "violated" and sent back to BOP custody for God knows how long!!! Just thankful for Native guys (and girls) tranny Natives, that is...And maybe I will meet another Native guy who likes billaganas???(Whites) Thanks and God bless ALL NATIVES!!!
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