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Originally Posted by HMR2 View Post
He's been in 8 years and we have never had any contact from anyone other than him.

As far as approval, no. My point was, he has never showed any regard to what we thought about anything he does, so I have a hard time believing it would be hard for him to come out to us. I do notit believe he worries about what we think. I haven't heard from him and probably wont until he writes for money. So we are waiting.
I’m surprised you can’t see a difference between tattoos (which are completely socially acceptable and applauded in prison where’s he’s grown up), joining a gang (which is also socially acceptable with everyone he knows) and having a sexual relationship with another man (which can cause brutal and abusive Treatment by fellow inmates if he were to come out.) My husband has been on rougher units and being homosexual is something you DO NOT TALK ABOUT. It’s a secret you hold onto until you’re outside of those walls unless you want to get stolen from, refused seats in the dayroom, or worse. Heck,’once my husband took a drink after an openly gay man and all hell broke loose.

Have you considered that, if it’s true, he hasn’t told anyone?? Should he sit in the day room or on the rec yard and announce his relations with another man to his mom on the phone? How about in visitation when he’s literally surrounded by peers? .

You’re expecting an “our world” response to a “his world” situation.
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