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we are slowly getting into a new routine. He sleeps in our room on the floor (next to hub usually) He may or may not move to the couch.

Then hub wakes up (after me) and if pup is on the couch, hub goes and pets him, and loves on him.
then its time to go back to the couch unless I make any move toward hubby. Pup is our hall monitor. we cant go near each other without him making noise and running up with a toy and shoving it between us.

Then he gets fed. Sometime I do it, once in a while hub will.
Then its outside to do business, then back inside........where he may, or may not settle down. Its still dark outside.
He will often then go run up and down the hallway with his squeek toys.
Look at us like......hey! Its time to play?!! yes? walk?

No pup, its dark and cold right now. Later.
He will then wait til I get to the couch, climb up with me, and hang out til its time for a walk. If I take too long....he reminds me. Everytime I move.
no not now.

No not yet.

oh jesus.....lets go.

It cracks me up.

Today tho is day 2 or 3 of rain. Yuck. Not looking forward to walking in it, but I'd better.
pup does not care if its raining.

spoiled puppy.
My windows aren't dirty

That's my dog's nose art

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