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After years of abnormal liver test results, my husband was tested for and diagnosed with Hepatitis C. His gastroenterologist said, "A couple of weeks ago, a new drug called Harvoni came on the market. You have the right genotype and you haven't been treated before, so let's see if your insurance company will approve it."

Amazingly - and thankfully - they did.

$1100 per pill - and all we paid every month for the treatment was our $40 co-pay.

One pill a day for three months (some patients require only a two-month treatment, but Dr. Hon believed Michael needed the full three months) and there was no longer any measurable virus in his blood sample. One more clean blood screen and he will be pronounced cured - of a previously incurable disease.

If your doctor says that there is any way your husband can possibly wait until he gets out of prison to begin treatment, encourage him to do so.

The reason I say that is that Michael's doctor said that if he had had the conventional treatment for Hepatitis C (involving interferon), he would not have been able to take Harvoni.

Check with your doctor to see if that is still the case, because further research may have shown that to not have been a valid concern - or the new medicines available might not be adversely affected by previous treatment. However, if your doctor says there still is a reason to avoid interferon-based treatment, try to make sure the prison doesn't start him on any kind of regimen that could preclude taking Harvoni or similar drugs when he gets out.

I know this is worrying you. I understand how you feel. I hope everything goes well for both of you.
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