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Originally Posted by cljinct View Post
This is not necessarily true across the board. My boyfriend was in the process of being treated with the harvoni for hep C when he was put in prison for violation of probation and the prison infirmary contacted is healthcare provider and I was tasked with picking up the medication every 2 weeks and bringing it to the prison so they could complete the course of treatment ..which by the way was successful and as the op states very expensive
One of the reasons that prisons are not keen on Solvadi becoming the SOC is because it's so expensive. Look at the stats on prisoners and Hep C, and the rate of Hep C transmission, then multiply the maximum $80K up front costs of the drug (I think Medicare/caid has it down to $45K, but only gives it to a very few as it isn't the SOC....... yet....). Solvadi and similar treatments would bankrupt the systems if SOC. The prisons, especially the for profits, do not want this expense cutting into their bottom line.

Be very glad you were able to bring it in. Your jail must have a very progressive medical as most jails and their legal counsel do not want the risk, especially because the treatment impacts the immune system and jails and prisons are hotbeds of disease transmission. Throw in the extreme reactions people can have, and the fact that it's not the SOC, and you can see why jails and prisons do not want people taking those drugs and getting cured (or dead. People die taking those drugs. It is a very real possibility that leads to law suits. Yet another expense the jails and prisons don't want).

Your LO must have had a short sentence, must have been well into the treatment (so the worst of the side effects were over), and must have paid for the drugs privately. Again, your jail must be very progressive.

If you go to the health forum here, you'll see most of us are well aware of the costs associated with Solvadi and the like. Yes, it is very expensive, and there is a huge ethical debate about the expense.

Glad it worked for you LO and his treatment was not interrupted. Be very happy your jail was progressive enough in its thinking to allow what you did. Most will not.
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