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Originally Posted by Bangers&mash View Post
Hi Everyone

Well as promised I am back to give you all an update on my visa process. The good news is that last week I received an interview date for my CR1 visa at the American Embassy in London. Before you have this interview you have to attend a medical in London. This I have booked for the 22nd May. So it looks like I will be moving to America around the second week of July.

I can't tell you how hard it's been over the years. Falling in love with someone who's in prison, being so far apart from each other has been hell. Then marrying someone you can't be with is even harder. The visa process from start to finish has taken nearly a year and my has it been a long year. But I'm thankful that me and hubby have kept fighting to be with each other, because it's worked out in the end.

So to all of you that are thinking of settling down with someone from overseas, don't give up, keep strong and fight for what you want because I am proof that love will succeed....
Thought I would let you all know that I was approved my spouses visa in London on the 10th June Already have passport and visa in hand!! All that's left to do now is pack up my belongings and make my new life in the U.S.A.....
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