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Default Intro--cloverhoney from Germany

Hello everybody,
I have been reading on her for a while and finally wanted to enter the forum.
I am 27 and from Germany. For about a year I have been in touch with my pen pal who is currently at Craggy in NC. It has been strictly friendly but in the past month things changed and we fell hard for each other, so if I got that right I am in MWI territory now. We have letters and phone calls atm but he will be transferred to Florida in March/April 2020 and we are excited about the whole tablet thing. Because of violation of probation he is NC before he starts his 30 years in FL on burglary charges. He just lost his first appeal but his family hired another lawyer to go into round 2.
I look forward to getting to talk to you all because although I told a few close friends about our relationship and they werenít judgmental they just donít quite get it.
Happy Saturday everybody!
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