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Originally Posted by onedayatatime13 View Post
Yes, my thought exactly. No video visits though. Eventually, I'll be able to send video grams, but i cant figure out how to send a picture yet. Ha!

I think we each sent like 5 emails today. We will go though too many stamps if that is the case. He said it is just because it is new.

He can go to the kiosk 5 times a day, which includes uploading other content. So, he knows he will need to manage time right.

He thought an email he wrote disappeared that he composed from his cube. Re wrote it and I got both when I uploaded them. So, we are figuring out slowly.

It was just nice to say good night after 7 pm. Lol

I love the email system too.. but thats the only thing about it, it takes like 2 hours to receive a message and about another 1-1/2 hour for him to get ur reply (depending on who's controlling emails at that time). My drive is 7hr each way so this helps a lot!!! Between emails phone calls and an occasional letter or 2, We R living the life
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