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I never called any man in my life "Daddy" except my father, who died when I was 12.
I used to think it was weird to hear a chick call her man "Daddy" or "Papi".
But "USED TO" are the operative words...
I call my Love "Daddy" all the time now, and it gets me all weak in the knees...hell, it brings me to my knees!
Call it a "male dominance" thing if you want...a power trip...I don't know and don't care! He never asked me to call him just sorta began somehow.
I love that submissive I gotta make my Daddy happy and be a "good girl" for him.
But I also get that (ahem) "moist" feeling whenever he calls me Mami too!
Equal opportunity dominance in this relationship!
Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!!!
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