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I also met my fiance while working as a deputy in our county. I worked at the jail he was incarcerated in and he was one of the trusty's. I used to pick on him and he thought I was so stuck up. I would go out and smoke in the rec yard where he was housed and even though he hates cigarettes he would come out and sit with me. We started talking and when he was shipped to prison I quit working at the jail. When he was released from prison, I went with his mom to pick him up. After a short friendship, we began what has turned into the most powerful relationship other than motherhood I have ever been a part of. He recently went back to jail and has since been transfered to prison. He is up for parole right now and if he is denied we will not be reunited until 06-09-07. We have been unable to visit each other during this 10 months of his being in jail because of the county jails "immediate family only" rule. Once he is finally released we will marry and become "joined at the hip". He is my best friend, my soulmate, and a big part of my future.
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