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Originally Posted by Curtiswifey4eva View Post
Me and my fiance' were in the beginning phase of preparing for our wedding which would have taken place June 18,2010 but he got locked up and he's looking at quite some time. So now that he's on the inside the only way we can do it now its getting married on while he's in prison (he won't be there for quite some time.) we were planning on trying to get married in county but its not an option where he's at. I have some questions regarding Ga's prison marriages.
  1. Will be say our vows together or is it through proxy marriage?
  2. After the marriage ceremony do we get time together or does he go back to his cell and I have to journey back home [without him]?
  3. If the prison does not have someone to perform the ceremony did you have to pay someone else?
  4. What did you wear?
Thats all I can think of for now but I'm pretty sure the rest I can research on here and find out. Thanks in advance!
1. You will say them together.
2. It depends on the facility, but we had about 2 hours for the entire ceremony and visit.
3. Yes, if the chaplain does not perform the ceremony, you will need to bring someone with you to perform the ceremony.
4. I wore a black and white pants suit.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.
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