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Originally Posted by whataride View Post
Met her probation officer yesterday and it went well. She has 5 months of supervision to do and then is done. It is pretty relaxed, has to do 1 meeting a week, get a job and report once a month.

We had a pretty big argument the other day from past issues but worked though it. She is a little depressed since getting out, still having a difficult time making decisions but improving. The 15 lbs she put on in prison is driving her nuts so will get her a gym membership this week. She applied for her first job yesterday, the manager said he jsut hired a bunch of people but to follow up again in a few weeks. Will put in a few more applications this week. I had to go work a few hours so she was home alone during that time, it was the first time she has been by herself in almsot 2 years. It is almost crazy when I think about it
Very glad things are going well! Parole should be a snap. It will probably take her a while to decompress and get comfortable with making decisions for herself.
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