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Well she is out. I drove up the night before the 4 hours and stayed in a hotel. I was told be there at 8am so I arrived at 7:50 and then was told oh no she wont be out until 9-9:30 so i went for a drive and came back. got back around 8:45 and sat in the car until 9:15 then walked up to the gate to wait. She came out about 9:30 in the eos outfit I bought her. Te smile on her face as she was walking out was a gift. A quick hug and kiss and we took off, went back to the hotel and got the adult time out the way

Then we started the 4 hour drive home. We stopped for a quick bite to eat and she was in heaven. The first real food in almost 2 years, in my previous posts I have mentioned she never went to chow so was living on canteen food. She would nap off and on the drive back. I wanted to get my car washed and my favorite wash is at the mall. So we went there and dropped the car off and planned on eating in food court and then walking around. Big mistake, we got the food and after 2 bites she had a panic attack, I think the over stimulation and also the fact the area is where she used to hang around out had all the emotions flood back. So I packed up the food and we went and sat outside and waited for the wash to finish. She would cry off and on and we would just talk about what she was feeling.

Got the car and needed to stop at wal mart to grab some cat food, she said she was feeling better and could handle it. She did good, finished runing around and got home. Oh yeah she could pick which place to eat either time and kept sayign whatever I wanted is good. I said you are the one who hasnt been free, we can go anywhere you want and she couldnt make a decision so then I did. Got home and finished the food and just watched tv. She talekd to 2 of her closest friends who she was in with who had already been released and felt better knowing they are ok.

I usually like to watch tv with no lights on jsut the tv, well she asked if we can put on a dim light as she hasnt been in darkeness in almost 2 years. I am glad to have her home and I expected an adjustment period, she didnt think she would have one but reality has hit her that she is affected by this time way more than she thought. She is under supervision for the rest of the time on her sentence since she was released at 85% so we meet her probation officer monday morning.

I can say the time she was away flew by in some instances and then others it didnt. She has a folder full of certificates she received for classes completed and graduated from the yr long drug program while in. She will even say prison saved her life, she was deep in addiction and wouldnt of gotten out of it on her own. She wants to get a job just to feel normal and be productive, she has only worked for a few months in years.

i thank evetyone who has shared in here, the struugle is real when going through it but it is worth it. I will post updates as we continue this journey. I thank you all for being here
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