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Originally Posted by GingerM View Post
If you stay out of trouble, the biggest issue you'll have to contend with is boredom. You'll make friends, just don't rush things. Eyes & ears open, mouth closed for a bit. It's been described to me as going to a foreign country where the social rules are very different. You have to accept the culture for what it is, then play by the cultural rules.

I'm not going to play the tough guy and say that 16 days in county helped me prepare for that, but it was a rookie experience that did let me see what to sort of prepare for. When I first went into county before getting out on the bail reform I spent the first 72hrs of my 1st 8 day trip in solitary until they evaluated me and moved me to PC at my request to "check-in" when I first arrived. The 2nd time I went back 2 months later for just another 8 day trip for a bail reform violation (later dropped) had me back in the PC unit and was welcomed among some of the people I first met going in two months previously. Either way I know that prison is rough and nothing like county so keeping my head low and eyes open until I get the feel for where ever I go is my current plan of action. I can't pretend I'm not nervous over whats to come, but I'm keeping my faith and thoughts positive.

Originally Posted by GingerM View Post
I have 3 friends still inside on counts like yours (in Oregon, but still). None of them have ever been in a fight. None have ever gotten in trouble. They all get bored, so I send them books as fast as they tell me they have room for them. Once you've figured out who is okay to hang out with and who you need to avoid, then you can look at joining a club (if they have them) or getting a job (if any are available) or joining the chapel choir or whatever you can do to make the time go faster.

I wish you luck.

I know from reading other posts on here to prepare for the time I will have to do and have already written up lists of books so my fiance and friends can order me books. The way I see it 1 book a week is only 520 books to read till I'm out. I've worked my whole life so your advice of trying for a job is the way I was going to go as well as getting into some form of a NA group and church services.

Originally Posted by Have2BPatient View Post
Just so you are aware, ADTC is strictly an SO facility. It's for the treatment of high risk Sex Offenders... My husband is an SO and was told that Avenel did not apply to him since he was not high risk and he didn't have to do any interviews there. There are tons of SOs that wind up at SSCF or Southwoods. I'm sure they wind up at more max facilities too based on the crime and how violent it was. I don't know yours, and it's none of my business anyway.
My crime apparently happened 4 years ago and was inappropriate contact. The crime is not listed as violent (thank god) cause I know that changes everything with regards to the Tier system here in NJ and that the Tier system determines a lot upon release. I don't know if it was on this site or another Google search I came across, but at one point I did find a reference card and scoring for the NJ Tier System and I'm very low on that scale so hopefully upon release I will be a Tier 1. I do have a interview at the facility to see if I"m and I quote "compulsive and repetitive" which my lawyer is helping me prepare for.

Did your husband ever have to go the PC route while at SSCF?

Did he use a cover story when questioned about his charges? I know other inmates can sometimes use outside sources to lookup other cons on the NJDOC website to see what someone is in for

Originally Posted by Have2BPatient View Post
I will be careful because I have been told/heard that THEY will decide when you are ready to see the Parole Board... you don't just get a date to go in front of them. with a 8.5 NERA you're not going to be seeing them for a while anyway. With the parole board you Do have to admit guilt and show remorse for the crime. They basically said everything you could imagine to my husband short of calling him a pedophile trying to get him to react. He didn't because he IS remorseful and he has multiple doctors stating that it was not pedophilic in nature... but that's a story for another time.
The Parole part does bother me and was explained to me when I did my plea agreement in court. My lawyer did tell me since the NERA is 8.5 if after 8 years I'm not eligible for parole then something isn't right with their treatment program and I shouldn't have a issue if I follow the rules and do what is expected of me.

I know after some reading on Google most people may and do max out, but it seems the ones that max out are in for 5yrs or less and the ones they keep or try to keep with Civil Commitment never make it past Phase 2 of a 4 Phase system, refuse treatment, etc.

I didn't know the board went that far with trying to get people to react and will keep that on my mind when my time comes to see them. I have no problem with admitting guilt and getting called a "cho-mo" or "tree jumper" as I know it's a label that I will have to live with now that I took the deal and admitted guilt.

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