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Just so you are aware, ADTC is strictly an SO facility. It's for the treatment of high risk Sex Offenders... My husband is an SO and was told that Avenel did not apply to him since he was not high risk and he didn't have to do any interviews there. There are tons of SOs that wind up at SSCF or Southwoods. I'm sure they wind up at more max facilities too based on the crime and how violent it was. I don't know yours, and it's none of my business anyway.

I will be careful because I have been told/heard that THEY will decide when you are ready to see the Parole Board... you don't just get a date to go in front of them. with a 8.5 NERA you're not going to be seeing them for a while anyway. With the parole board you Do have to admit guilt and show remorse for the crime. They basically said everything you could imagine to my husband short of calling him a pedophile trying to get him to react. He didn't because he IS remorseful and he has multiple doctors stating that it was not pedophilic in nature... but that's a story for another time.

You won't be able as an SO to go under min. security either way, and he was told he'd never be able to be in a half way house.

I would just certainly weigh the pros and cons of ADTC vs something else. I haven't really heard of people asking to go to ADTC, but I suppose requests can be made for anything. My husband didn't ask for SSCF but he was happier he wound up there since it was more like dorm living than cells, and he wasn't the only SO there. There were one or two others that knew he was now that i recall, but they were too and they didn't really rat on each other...but that seems to be the exception and not the rule.
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