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If you stay out of trouble, the biggest issue you'll have to contend with is boredom. You'll make friends, just don't rush things. Eyes & ears open, mouth closed for a bit. It's been described to me as going to a foreign country where the social rules are very different. You have to accept the culture for what it is, then play by the cultural rules.

I have 3 friends still inside on counts like yours (in Oregon, but still). None of them have ever been in a fight. None have ever gotten in trouble. They all get bored, so I send them books as fast as they tell me they have room for them. Once you've figured out who is okay to hang out with and who you need to avoid, then you can look at joining a club (if they have them) or getting a job (if any are available) or joining the chapel choir or whatever you can do to make the time go faster.

I wish you luck.
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