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Default Any previous inmate knowledge for ADTC (Avenel)?

Hello everyone, 1st I want to say that this site is a wealth of knowledge and information for someone like myself who is about to be like my name says going into the NJDOC system.

Without dumping the whole back story on to this site the basics are that after taking a plea deal because there was no way to prove my innocence and it's always their word against mine I have no choice but to wear this SO badge of shame now that I have said I was guilty just to get a good offer. As a result I'm preparing to do a 10yr (8.5yr NERA) sentence that consists of two 5's and a 10. After reading up on "safe places" and with what my lawyer said about ADTC how it'd be better there I requested to do it at the ADTC facility. I know the facility is setup with counseling services which they put a emphasis on as I am looking forward to as this has all been a life shock and downward spiral for me the past six months and have lost everything in my life, friends, family, a career, my home and everything I own for something I didn't do and can't prove otherwise.

I'm looking to get specific information for what life is like on the inside of this facility such as

Are they setup as large dorms where all 70 inmates sleep like miliary bunks or do they have two man cells?

I know they have TV's that you can get but how's the reception on them?

Are the JPay tablets worth the money and do they have decent games or even movies rentals on them?

Any gang problems there or is it like they say and if your a behavioral problem and don't participate do they toss you out of the program?

Do the vocational classes actually still happen or is that just some great public relations BS?

Anyone share details on commissary specific to that location?

What is the actual parole possibility for someone who follows the rules, plays the phase system game and wants to have a life after all this?

Anyone with experience inside as to what a potential Inmate is walking into would be great not only to myself, but also the next guy in line. I know that no one in this world should be looking forward to any amount of time at any correctional facility, but I have to keep my head in a good place and prepare for the future and what it holds.
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