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Originally Posted by patchouli View Post
Hey. You don't have to be new at this to worry when something happens at his home prison and you don't hear from him

How long have they been on lockdown?

Thank you ♥️ Iím sure it doesnít get easier. I know Iím emotional , a worrier. Iím used to being put down for that. Thankfully Trav doesnít. He says it just shows how much I love him.

Iím not sure when they went on lockdown but his last Jpay message was 9:30 am yesterday. Normally I hear from his 3x before I get off work at 5 pm. I didnít start to get too worried until no call in the evening then no call later. They can call until midnight so once it was close to midnight I started having so much anxiety, crying. This morning I saw DOC posted on Facebook that visits was canceled. Someone under that put they are in lockdown, some cos on there was saying something about incident in the yard. I know theyíve been very short staffed , limiting yard time etc. Trav told me theyíve had POs working as COs driving from 3 hours away. Thatís dangerous because they donít have the training / experience. I wonít be able to fully relax until I hear from him. I hope it isnít too long. Do they typically last days?
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