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Question NCRJ - Inmate Activity - Recent Alleged Fight- Seeking insider knowledge

To all out here holdin it down I salute u..
Allow me to begin by saying; May you and your loved ones find shelter from the storm in His Grace.
Now, the matter at hand. North Central Regional I need some inside information on some recent activities of some specific inmates. I hear there was an incident that allegedly occurred between 2 inmates when they crossed paths. There was some kind of altercation and one ended up leaving on a stretcher Hospital bound. Both of the inmates I know personally and have huge amounts of respect and love 4. I hate it that this is what it has turned into. The inmates last names are Denkenberger and Parker.
Is anyone out there willing to help me get to the bottom of this?? Is so please pm me. Thank you in advance.
By the way, I swear I'm not 5-0 or 2.5 looking for information.
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