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Default Chicago HWH Change of Phone Policy

So I just heard that effective September 1, the Chicago HWH is going to start allowing smart phones. I have no idea if this is a nationwide policy change, or Chicago HWH change only, but the fact that it is getting harder and harder to find cell phones that don't have cameras or internet, as well as the fact that the cell companies are starting to not even be able to service phones that are pre 2G or whatever, may have something to do with this. It is about time.

I had also heard that many people in there had smart phones anyway. So it'll be interesting to see how this now works out. It sure makes things a lot easier. It also makes me wonder if they will now allow devices like iPads and laptops, because basically an iPad is a large iPhone. They have a computer room there with very limited hours from what I've heard that guys are forced to go to a library or other places to use the internet. With smart phones, that problem is now gone.

Of course, that also now means I have to get a new phone for my husband in January, but I think we have his old phone lying around, so perhaps for the halfway house period we use the old iPhone and then upgrade it after he is out of that place.

Just curious if people have heard of this change in other HWH, or not. And if you think this will impact the use of other technological devices. Like I said, it makes things a lot easier for my husband if he gets stuck staying there, since their scam now is not letting people out who have been approved for HC and finding some bs reason to not let them leave.
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