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Originally Posted by clara h View Post
No offense taking... Mine and Billy situtation is very different then most on this site... Im not saying my kids see me in a intimate encounter with anyone..and they havent other than with there father. I have known Billy since we were 14 he was and is my first love... and we hope when he is free we can make this work... He went away when we were 18 for 28 years... So I didnt stay like some have.. I got married had kids loved and lived my life... I dont want my daughter to think that a Inmate relationship is healthy in most ways its not... I just dont close any doors... As for Billy and I's relationship my children know he is a close friend and I write him cause he needs a friend.. They color him stuff and make pictures for him... To Billy Im not obligated... But he has my heart and he knows that... Other than two other people Billy has no family or friends... Everyone walked away from him... I choose to give him as much of myself as I can.

I think I am a younger version of what you went through. My heart is also in jail.. he's in for 30 years.. it's been 5 and he has 10 more for parole. It's driving me insane. Although.. I did move on with my life because we had broken up when we were younger but when he got locked up.. of course I was going to be there for him. But I got pregnant at a young age and took responsibility for it. I have a beautiful 3 year old little girl. The man I am with right now.. I did love him but he has temper issues. I'm trying for our daughter but.. it's heading down hill. My heart has always been with the one who is locked behind bars =(.
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