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Originally Posted by agoodwoman318 View Post
I dont mean to wait.

Im not one of the noble, strong women on here.

I dont wait. This IS our relationship. It just is how it is.

We dont ask Army wives why they wait.

I dont wait. (im one of the minority who admit it) but no one compairs to him. No one else is him.
First trip I had a boyfriend. It was crule to him because he never fully had my heart. It was locked in a cell no matter how I tried to live in denial.
Ive had a "friend" but the "friend" got attached to me & when Cotton came home my "friend" tried to beat up Cotton because he didnt want me to leave him for our family. I hurt my friend....
Now I Go for coffee, dinner what ever but I go home alone. I talk on the phone to Cotton 3 times a day & see him 3 times a week (15 min at a time)
(im crying now)
I am not waiting for a relationship.
I am not waiting for my man.
I HAVE a man
I HAVE a relationship.
My life IS NOT on hold.
If you had the love I have with Cotton you would understand.
Each relationship is different. I cant speak for the strong women who wait.
I can only tell you he is part of the fabric of my soul.
Well put.
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