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Originally Posted by MsPrettiJackson View Post
Wives & Longtime Girlfriends: I would like to know some feedback on "WHY" do we wait for these men? What does this say about us as women and as our character? Why do we often hide that are husband or long time boyfriend is in prison? What makes us wait?

For the WIVES (because I am a wife): Do you really wait and not have any sex or compassionate relations with the opposite sex (another man)? So when our husbands have 15 years or more how do you cope? Do you make him seem as though he is the only one but tend to cheat knowing that there is no definite date on when he is coming home?

I ask because my husband is doing 15 years and he comes up for parole in 7 (2018). However we were married before he went in and I love him and I am in love with him. But sometimes I am unsure if I will wait that time period because 7 years is a long time. And he looks at it as though its not forever and this is very "first" offense for agg robb w/dead weapon, but 7 years to me is forever. So am I wrong for being REALISTIC because he puts emotions in it and I DON'T I'm always realistic about the situation. I have not put myself in situations to cheat because I went before GOD, However, I don't think I will make this 7 year stretch in which I told him that already. I don't know whether to get myself out of this marriage or just wait!!! I'm 38 (45 when he comes home) & he is 26 (33 when he comes home). But he wants his marriage and he crys and just carries on because he was in love with me before he even went in. I just want to understand why do we do this what does this say about us as women or as a person. I guess I'm just having a moment and want to get some response on women who relate...Thanks so much...

My husband and I were married 12/21/10 and he went in 10/3/11. We were together 5.5 years before we were married so I wait because that is my husband and I do not ever want to be with anyone other than him, so I would wait an eternity for him. Would it be different if we werent married? Honestly, maybe. I am okay not having sex and am not above "handling my business" while I write him a sexy letter, he loves that. Marriage vows are forever, and I do not believe in divorce....
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