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Hi and thank you! Yes I'm sure he regrets it or pretended to, he contacted me about 3 months ago trying to get me to come back but all his words meant nothing to me anymore, called my momma and complained about me not letting him see our youngest daughter but we all blocked him he can suck it up and have all the regrets in the world and WE ARE NEVER NEVER coming back to a place like I told him that I had lost myself. I'm good now and I'm loving doubts no regrets on my end only that I wish I'd done it sooner but what matters is that me and my girls are safe and happy.

Yes girl I could not waste another minute in the same house as him, I couldn't wait for the moment that we'd be gone. I was anxious to start my life without him and soooo ready. I owed him nothing and yet I paid so much to be with him. Not worth it.

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I'm smiling @ your post/thread, hola chica! Great to know you're citing that part in red. He shall regret it,if not already. Let em' miss u, chica,as u move on finally able to "truly live!" #Happy #Healthier #FOCUS from here on in, what you know, is truly good & healthy for you, and be happy."

#Know your worth and live a much happier vida, chica, hola. Know who you are,inside out, surround yourself with good healthy thoughts + healthy happy positive good "mature" stable souls, offline or online, just be happy, while starting over for the betterment of YOU! He clearly did not deserve you, at all.

I always say, to others, "You're getting there" finally,yes, because YOU wanted to get "there" by finally realizing and recognizing[b] that (for you)chica, it was finally time to say "ENOUGH" and mean it. You finally knew itwas just time, and you were not going to waste another minute trying to convince and fool yourself, that "it's worth staying."

I always remind others:

Don't ever stick around in a dead-end relationship, trying to fight for something OR some one who isn't fighting for you.

That's a losing team if that is the case and you're better off without such loser."I am myself, about WINNING, healthy vibe, good energy when i am with someone,and not about losing,so i am strong, eyes wide open, at the end of the day to just say, "Ok, this is not going anywhere positive, healthy, beautiful, so i am going to switch my trajectory, so i can be happy again as LIFE IS TOO SHORT,NOT TO.

Sadly, so many do this time and time again,and only end up in the end sad and miserable. No man is worth losing yourself, while you're inwardly stressing to the point of getting ill, or emotionally wrecked, day in, day out, while he says the words "love" but yet doesn't show it whatsoever, but just "expecting YOU to stay, no matter what, for his own amusement. You're BETTER than that, chica.""

I met so many, in the field i work on, for decades, who "stay in the same situation, and do not realize they are allowing themselves,
to be exactly the way he or she want them to be:
-inwardly feelin' alone/isolated/abused/stressed/not happy.

I am so happy you realize yes, that you were ready to "get there" and find yourself, on another journey, without such loser,
and realize your worth, and your value in life, is worth more than all the dirt, and bull sh-t, he has done to you and put you through."

I am so proud of u, PM me anytime, and stay strong. stay prudent. and realize that life is too short, to stay in a place, of such toxicity,
to continually bring you down, to a place u know u are to "good" to be at, very happy to read this. hugs and blessings. Adios.
Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
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