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Originally Posted by YOGA62 View Post
Australia sounds so nice and less expensive health care there. So what about a debit card/credit card? Do you have one? I called Western Union, they are open 24/7 and I paid on my son's account with my debit card.

All you need is the Registration number, the inmate's name and say it is for a federal prison, giving the name of prison, but they all use the same FBOP account DC for Washington DC. At least that is what they told me. I received an email with confirmation of the payment. You can call the WU 800 number.

Would that work? WU is worldwide I think....

I tried calling but again no luck. They've closed my account because i'm out of country and even though western union is worldwide they do not allow international money transfers into an American commissary account due to money laundering and fraud guidelines. Too god damn stressed and heart broken at the moment. If anyone else knows of another way please share. Thank you
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