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This is actually a reinstatement of PTO's original policy on this issue, part of which was removed when the Dark Room was opened. We have now reverted back to where we were previously on this issue.

There have been no new changes to the policy as it was originally.

Nudity / Pornographic & Adult Material:
Adult content is anything that is sexual in nature and should not be discussed in front of children. While PTO and prison in general is considered more of an "adult" topic, there are many times when younger children of prisoners access this site and therefore explicit sexually-related conversations are not permitted and may be pulled from the public site without notice should they become graphic. The general rule of thumb is not to talk about things you would not talk about in front of your neighbors' kids.

Nudity and pornographic material is not acceptable anywhere in the Prison Talk Online community. Overly suggestive photographs/pictures will most likely be considered adult material and removed. Members posting pornographic images, or links to porn sites and images will have their accounts suspended and possibly banned.
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