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Originally Posted by baby sister
any one on here know anything about the facility in manchester,ky. and what is your opinion and if anyone has had any experince with federal prison consulants and results. thank you for any feedback.
Baby sister, there are 2 levels at Manchester, medium and then the satellite camp. My hubby is at the camp. Let me know if he is there and I can give you lots of info. Even if he is at the medium, I can still give you tips on where to stay. Just let me know.

I just read your other post and I am so sorry for what your brother is going through. If he is in the medium facility there are several people on here who have people there and at least one member who was an inmate there. If he doesn't see this post, I'll PM him and see if he can help you. Hang tough. He will get settled in and things will get better for him.

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