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Originally Posted by Lordbew/us View Post
Yes it looks like the T.C. residents at Phillip's that are going out to work will be furloughed FINALLY! I'm not sure if I should be mad at the company or the prison system!

I'm sure the prison system is hating to put out numbers to the public when they are so use to being able to keep all their business hush, hush to the public! Wink, wink!

My son's employer has Phillips T.C. guys working at the company and I have been wondering all month when this was going to stop!!!! Prayers for all of the staffers and inmates that this doesn't spread further! I surely hope that this doesn't get out of hand!!!!

It makes you crazy! Is your son working at the chicken plant? My son was there when he was at the TC. Some other guys worked at a landscaping company. It is going to be rough to have everyone confined indefinitely. Sure hope they all stay healthy.
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